Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tonight...we're only looking at Easter music tonight. I'm hoping we can do “Jesus Paid it All” and “Stronger” on Sunday morning for our anthem. Here's the order for Sunday morning, in case you're interested ;)


Congregational Song of Praise "Rock of Ages" (Key: GM – 3m 26s)

Hymn #20 Let There Be Glory and Honor and Praises (Key: GM)

Congregational Greeting & Fellowship

Children's Sermon

Hymn #440 So Send I You – by Grace Made Strong (Key: FM)

Offertory Hymn #442 Each One, Reach One (Key: FM - GM)

Offertory Tena Smith

Hymn #327 The Old Rugged Cross (Key: BbM)

Choral Anthem “Jesus Paid it All” and “Stronger” from I Will Rise

Message in Song People Need the Lord Ryan Hitchcock

Message from God's Word Rev. Ken Clement

Invitation Hymn #598 Wherever He Leads I'll Go (Key: FM)

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